Hubert Shea

Monday, May 01, 2006

Long Holiday in Shanghai of China (1 May)

This is the first day of the long holiday in Shanghai. Office and industrial plants are all closed but major shopping centers and retail shops along high streets are crowded with people. Unlike other cronies, I prefer staying at home with my collie to strolling into downtown. Seasons Villas, my temporary home in Shanghai, is a low-density residential compound in Pudong. The sun is shinning all afternoon and I spare my time in reading a book about real estate investment trusts (REITs). REITs is quite arcane to me because I have no solid management and investment experience relating to REITs. As a seasoned real estate practitioner in China, I am convinced that REITs will play a more significant role in this emerging market over the next 5 years.

Well, holiday is an ideal time for relaxation and, more importantly, disciplined daydream. Relaxation generates an easy mind but disciplined daydream leads me to struggle between imagination and authenticity. I love being a daydreamer because it can keep me from mental and physical constraints in the real world environment and be free to think as I like. However, what make daydream more gorgeous is that it can relate what I aspire to be with life. My definition of life is rather unique than my other cronies. To me, life should involve happiness, achievement, significance, and legacy whereas my cronies love equating money with life. Money make my cronies happy in living but I find that it cannot make their life wonderful.

I do not like being a hermit so that the value of daydream is to find life in a more self-disciplined manner. Daydream will be too luxurious to me if I go too far and that is the reason why I treat daydream as a struggle between imagination and authenticity. This is not painful if I finally find 'my way' with a morsel of make-believe plan. I can escape the tedium of consciousness and my mind can play and work. What is the daydream today? Be a market leader in the REITs market.